About Me

I am Bhanu Prakash, also known as developer bhanu. My identity on the internet started as 'Prograholic',which was the name I used for my YouTube Channel where I posted programming tutorials, which is now changed to developer bhanu, as someone else used that name before I did.

As a programmer, I had to spend most of my time in front of computers and rarely had any social interaction. In such a situation, writing has always been my way of expressing my feelings and thoughts, and it's the greatest friend I ever had. I started writing articles on things that I have learnt from my experiences. My First Blog is titled Discover Yourself.


I am a Web Developer with experience in LAMP stack on RHEL Linux Distributions. I have also earned extensive knowledge on object oriented programming and have been posting tutorials online on YouTube. I call myself a web developer only because that is where I have corporate experience. But personally, I am into several platforms like android app development with Java, windows desktop app development with C#, Database Management, and sometimes little console applications that build for fun.

My motivation behind building any software is findind the need, and choosing the platform is based on the type of end product to be delivered instead of sticking to what I know and starting the project with it. I'm not an expert, but I'm good at making the best use of what I have and what I know.


The whole concept of writing started as my way of expressing my feelings in the form of poetry. Eventually, I happened to decide to make use of this for productivity and started looking for topics to write about. I had this mentality of sharing my experiences and drawing life lessons of out them. And then I started writing articles in my first Blog. You may find this blog very inactive now, and that is just because of priorities and decisions. I let the old posts remain because they are still helping the readers.

As programming started becoming a real deal in my life, I realized that writing always played a major role in helping me deal with stress and strain. Writing now a days is not so frequent as it used to be, but when I write, I easily go calm and it also helps me get creative thoughts while writing code.