Schooling and College life

Everything that has happened to me that made me what I am today, it's in these places. No wonder, they are the most important parts of my life.

How the writing started

Being an introvert, sharing feelings and thoughts have always been a tough job. This is when I found writing to be my best companion.

When I found the love of my life

The first time I touched a computer was back in 2008. I was always fascinated by the computers and how softwares were created. and it's been a decade already. The first program I have ever written is in 2012, in C.

Turning my passion into a message to the world

I found the interest of writing can be used somehow to communicate to people. Being a student, 2012, I chose to write about life skills, that mostly included the life lessons I experienced. All I did was sharing them in a way that the reader finds inspiration and won't do the mistakes I did.

Hello World becomes Hello Everyone

Just like I did the writing, I also wanted to share my programming knowledge on the internet. What's more convinient than having a YouTube channel for this?

What's Next?

Well, obviously it doesn't end here. The dreams and the goals have always been the motivation for what I always did, and will always be. Who knows what I'm going to create in the future? It's not exaggeration, it's the hope.