Chatting On YouTube

So it was just another day, I opened YouTube to see what's trending and to check out some favourite channels. And then I noticed something different at the top right corner of my screen. It looked something like a combination of chat and share icons! And when I clicked it, behold, that was a message from YouTube saying, "You can now share videos and chat about them with friends on YouTube! 😎". It was just like I'm chatting to the actual YouTube.

yeah, here's the news. YouTube now introduced a new feature where you can share videos to your friends who are in your gmail contacts. This won't end at sharing videos, but you can actually have a conversation in the same thread. I just saw a message from YouTube and could not wait to share it with you. May be I'll explore it more. You can check it out if you like. You can open the messages by clicking the message icon just beside the notification icon. Let's see what the world has to bring to us next!

Keep exploring!

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