Passion Becomes Profession. Now What?

So you always had zeal and passion for something and one fine day, you made an actual career out of it. That's a great achievement. Alright, it sound great but as you go forward, you may sometimes feel stressed out. And when you're in high time, you may also feel like you regret your decisions. If his ever happened to you or starting to happen, this post is just for you.

In the past, when you were a student or had another job, you may have waited very eagerly to have nothing but your favourite work to do as your main job. It was all good and positive when you thought about it but when it really happened, you realise that your favourite work can also give you stress and strain.

Now let me tell you what. Working to pass time, freelancing, owning a company and being an employee of a company are completely different. If you got your dream job very recently, you were probably doing "that work" as a hobby before or something equivalent. But as you begin to enter into the corporate world, it's different. And I don't think i have to explain, because you wouldn't be reading this as you are right now if you didn't know.

So is there a solution? Well, yes there is. And it's simple. Find. Another. Hobby. And that doesn't mean leave what you are doing and look for something else. You just do what you're doing and look for something else that you can use to relax. Like my passion always used to be programming and now I have the same as my job. And writing is my side chick. And when I feel like I'm stressed out, I just take a break and write something. And everything falls into its place so I can continue what I was doing.

See? It's as simple as that. So try to find something that keeps you engaged and active. Side chicks work wonderfully in terms of work, but not in terms of real life relations. Just keep that in mind and you'll rock! That's all folks!

Anyways, I wish you best for life and just make sure you love what do you and do what you love. I will be back soon with another interesting post! Keep smiling. :)

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