Programmers and Health

Before I say anything, let me just let you know that I'm not here to talk about "Physical Health", as I'm not the right person to talk about it. If you came here to get help for your 'physical', I suggest you to keep in touch with an actual doctor.

What I'm actually gonna talk about is our (yes I include myself) emotional and mental health. If you are a programmer, or someone who has to sit in front of a computer almost all day, and to make it worse, if you are an introvert, you're really gonna have so much emotional mess to deal with. So in this category of health, I'll mostly talk about keeping a healthy sanity, having ability to think while writing code and other realted topics.

I'm going to return with amazing information about these and help you deal with some serious issues. I won't keep you waiting for long. But until then, keep smiling. Bubye!

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