Take a Break

I guess you had your brain.exe stop working several times in your whole life time. And if you deal with programs and code, you must be very familiar with it. Having an annoying bug in the program and you try to sort it out, sit for hours and sometimes days, but you couldn't find it. And then you suddenly notice a missing semicolon and that single character in your entire program, is the culprit. Yes, when we chose to be programmers, we signed up for this too.

I'm not here to remind you of all those things because you've experienced it and you know what it is like. And I noticed a pattern in this. Almost every time, the bugs can only be found after we give up, take a break and come back. So it's not about the things we miss while writing programs, but it is about the time that we don't spend on our personal life. Well, if you say, "Programming is my hobby, I love it with my life, and that is where I find my identity and peace", I can understand you because many of us feel the same. And doing this, you are giving a good time to your heart but it's not the same with your brain. Here's why.

Efficient programming needs focus, unbreakable flow of what's nexts, and most of all, thoughts. Now if you're thinking and programming for hours like this, no wonder you'll end up with a lot of bugs. Have you ever experienced it? Because of the continuous load on brain, we tend to miss obvious things in a program when we work for long hours without a break.

Just let me tell you this. You need breaks. And if possible, take shorter breaks in short intervals instead of longer ones in long intervals.

And I suggest you to divide your projects into checkpoints. And let the modules or features that you build be those checkpoints, and when you complete one, take a break, but a short one. I'm telling this to you because I've experienced it and actually it's helping me, I'm not completely doing it to be honest, but it's slowly improving. So I just wanted to share this to you. I know that you need a break.

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  • Naveen

    Good concept!

  • Lola c.

    Hehe I tell u this and u sometimes don't do follow ur own advice but it's good baby